Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, February 27, 2012

Explosion of Awesome Awesomeness - February 27, 2012

Yes, I know the heading of this message is a bit redundant, but that's the only way to describe what happened since last monday.  I have NEVER seen a week like this. EVER!  
First off...
Mom, good luck with your new calling!  
Kendra, thanks for getting my housing done!  You have no idea how much I haven't been thinking about that at all!  Thanks for all the stress you went through.  Also, thanks for checking on Craig and Auston.  Jeanelle and Jake!  I might have known; that is SO fun!
Drew, get well soon.
Steph, don't race.
Trev, run fast!

Alright, it's a shame that I don't have much time to write. This week we found just about a million new investigators!  We're going to see la famille David in one hour.  Nicole and Jacques are both about 75 years old; Jacques is very Catholic and Nicole doesn't believe in God anymore since her son dies four years ago at forty years of age.  Later tonight we're heading off to see Christophe Mariette, who came to church this week!  Lydie (an old amie that we re-found this week) came to church as well!  Tomorrow we'll be teaching Madame Castin, a woman of about 70.  She's really...spicy!  She let's you know what's on her mind.  We'll also be seeing Michael and Maria (I mentionned them about four weeks ago) tomorrow.  
Also, we ran into Opeti and Losi again; we showed them the Restoration DVD, and they cooked us (without warning us) an enormous tongan dinner.  I was seriously not hungry at all the next day.  Our other new amis are Rodrigue and Jean-Charles, and I want to tell you a story about the other three...
But first, we taught Quentin last night!  We just rang his doorbell and he let us in!  We're going to see him again on Wednesday to read together.  He's still searching as hard as ever, but not in the right places; he had stopped reading the Book of Mormon. However, last night he sent me a text message in which he quoted 1 Nephi 3:7 and said "I was wondering how I'd manage to find the time to read with all of the schoolwork I've got, and then I read this verse. I called my friend to see what we had to do for tomorrow; nothing!"  
So, as for our last three investigators; we found them yesterday.  We went to an appointment with a man that had wanted to teach him and his wife.  Frère Zambo came with us.  The man wasn't there, but the woman who answered the interphone suggested that we go looking for him at the little fair that was going on.  We searched in vain, but came back and rang again.  He still wasn't there, but I told the woman that we were missionnaries, and asked if we could come up.  She hesitated, then pressed the button to unlock the door.  We went upstairs to meet Jeanne (with whom I had talked on the interphone), Madeleine, Madina, and their mother (I don't know her first name and I won't even try to spell her last name.  La famille N'DIAYE (I abbreviated, I think) is from Mali and Senegal.  After a few minutes of waiting, we managed to have the whole family sit down on the couch as we taught the message of the restoration.  As I listened to Jeanne (she talked the most) explain a bit about her past, her religious background, how she works sixteen hours a day  every weekday to support her five young kids, and how she and her husband are separated since four years ago, I felt so calm.  It was so peaceful as we taught the mesage of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.  We immediately laughed together and had a room full of friends.  It's difficult to describe that wonderful feeling, which came from the Holy Ghost.  Jeanne accepted our invitation to be baptized on March 31st.  Her sisters wee more hesitant, and her mom is muslim.  I haven't felt so at peace in a rendez-vous for a long time.
I gottat go, but I am so grateful to be working here in Agen.  The Lord has showered blessings out upon us, to the point that we don't have room enough to recieve them!
I love you all§  Have a great week!
-Elder Brown

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