Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, February 13, 2012

I think the Cold is Over - Feburary 13, 2012

Bonjour, all you good lookins!

Trev, I see from the picture that your black eye is gone. I hate pole vault accidents too. Just get back on that horse and ride it, so to speak!
Steph, looking lovely dans ta robe rouge. Good work in your lazer tag game. Thats what Jeanelle and I did for Tolo, but I definitely didn't get second...maybe second to last! How is Jeanelle, by the way?
Drew, that's one dashing picture of you on the phone! Good work, superman. I hope mom got a video of the halftime dance. How'd the flipping go?
Kendra, you did a facebook fast?! I'm starting to wonder if 2O12 really is the end of the world! Glad you got to talk to Erwan; he's such a great missionary.
Mom, thank you for being my mom! Nobody else could do a better job with all of us rowdy kids!
Dad, je t'aime! Parait-il que t'es plus que débordé par tout ce qui est Zaycon! J'espère que le siteweb 2.0 a été une réussite!

Alright, we've had quite a roller coaster this week! It's still REALLY COLD here, but apparently it should be warming up tomorrow! We've had several bummers this week with appointments that fell through because none of the members could help us and we can't teach single women all alone.
Quentin has had a rough week. He's experiencing a lot of opposition from the whole culture at his school and among his peer group, which tell him that life is about expressing yourself. He told me he is the only one among his friends who believes in God, and yet he is the most unhappy. Alma 41:10. We're going to stay in contact by phone but for the moment we're not teaching him. He gave me an ENORMOUS bible atlas. I haven't looked at it yet, but it could definitely kill a cat (or even an armadillo) if dropped from a height of six feet.
One awesome miracle: On wednesday, I was here in Agen on exchange with one of my favorite missionnaries in the world, Elder Tudor! We worked hard, and just before teaching Quentin we ran into a man and a woman whom I recognized. I said "Angela?! Louis...?" It was a couple that we had contacted the very first week here in Agen. It was a miracle that I remembered their names (definitely some help from the Spirit there)! Five weeks ago we had gone to their house for an appointment, and the doorbell didn't seem to work. Neither did the phone. I had felt really good about them, so I was really sad to see what I thought was a false number and a false address.
It turns out that their son had bitten the phone and broken it, and that the doorbell didn't work. We've taught them twice this week and they're awesome!
I gotta go, but I love you all so much and I love the Lord's work! It's true, and it's the most worthwhile thing I've ever done!

-Elder Brown

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