Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, February 6, 2012

BRRRRRR.....I Mean Bonjour - February 6 2012


Whoops, I meant to type "Bonjour", but my hands are so numb that I missed alle the letters in between the B and the r, and then got stuck on the r.

It snowed like crazy on sunday, and riding our bikes to church was NO fun! Those little snowflakes just seemed to be cutting up our faces!

Definitely not on my top ten list of favorite sunday activities!

We've had a lot of cool amis this week! One is Madame Casseron, a cool older woman who has been a widow for several years. Please pray that we'll be able to teach a bit more next time, because she talks a LOT!

Another awesome new ami is Quentin...

On thursday as we were walking down the road, I contacted a young man riding by on his bike. I expected him to look back over his shoulder, realize that we were missionnaries, and keep riding, like most biker do when we contact them. However, he looked back, realized we were missionnaries, and turned his bike around to talk to us! We were able to explain a bit about the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith, and he asked for our number. He didn't want to exchange numbers, so we left him a pass-a-long card. I half expected to never hear from him again, but what a pleasant surprise when Quentin called us ten minutes later to ask if he could see the church right away! I told him oui oui, and Elder Tulley and I ran back to the apartment to get our bikes and meet Quentin à la place du quatorze juillet. We rode to the church together, and once we were sitting down, I asked Quentin "so, what made you want to come right away?"

He pulled out a piece of paper, on which he had written a poem/note to himself just a few hours before in school. It said something like "I am walking in a dark forest. Uncertainty clouds my vision, and I can't see the way. But a dove flies down from the forest roof, to guide me. With it comes a beam of light, illuminating the path before me." Quentin then pulled out the pass-a-long card we had given him.

On the front was the picture from the front of the Restoration DVD; the young Joseph Smith, kneeling in the middle of the forest gazing at a beam of light.

Quentin is so excited! We've taught him twice so far, and he has so many questions! I want to ask you all to pray that his heart will be turned away from sin. It's like what Nephi prayed for when he asked "Wilt thou make me to tremble at the appearance of sin!" Quentin is very sincere and has already set the goal of being baptized on the tenth of March, but he has a lot of work before him. Please pray for him! Let's make this miracle find into a miracle baptism!

And speaking of miracle finds and miracle baptisms...guess who's getting baptized on March 3rd?!


Elder Larson told me the good news on friday at zone interviews! I sent Pierrick a postcard last monday (before I knew about all this), so I'm hoping to hear from him soon! Oh, by the way, my adress is 35 rue Montesquieu, not 37.

We haven't been able to teach la famille Montoye this week, because every time we've gone over for a rendez-vous Alain has been called in to work (he's a security guard)! We're going to stop by their house (and Madame Berthon and a lot of other people) today to give them each an invitation to the branch family home evening this saturday!

Papa, joyeuse anniversaire! J'ai une carte pour toi, mais tu la recevras bien en retard!

Mom, love ya. Thanks for the updates

Kendra, I don't know if Erwan will ever get to come to BYU, but he wanted to. I would love to share an apartment with Logan Lewis, Brandon, Nick. I honestly don't feel to picky, but that'd be cool to be Brian's neighbor.

Drew, dance it up, brudda. Careful with your foot--get it REALLY warmed up before doing any more landing. Make sure mom gets a video because I want to see it in five or six months.

Steph, stomp it good, kid. Take a video too.

Trevor, I love music but band definitely got in the way of more than one track meet. Good work on the bendage. Mom's right though--make sure to focus on the fundamentals.

I love you all, and I testify that the work is true! Have a great week!

-Elder Brown

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