Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, January 30, 2012

Bikes Don't Swim, but We're Fisher's of Men - January 30 2012

Bonjour à tous!!!

Nous avons passé une semaine super marrante à Agen! Un accident de vélo, un enseignement à "une multitude", un orage, des miracles, même une interrogation par la police...c'était chouette!

Alright, I'll explain. Monday afternoon I got in a bike crash--don't worry, there was no permanent damage, except to my pants. We wer buzzing along the road, with Elder Tulley about 100 feet behind me. Suddenly a car cut in front of me to try and park, leaving no room to turn but plenty of momentum. I braked hard and the bike spat me out over the handlebars. I caught myself and ran out of it on my hands. No, just kidding, I only caught myself on my hands and then my helmet and backpack hit the pavement as well. Thanks again for those nice thick gloves!
We taught madame Berthon that night! She told us more about how she feels a bit abandonned by God. She wasn't immediately interested in fixing another appointment, but she promised to read the Book of Mormon (in which I had written my testimony and underlined several passages)!
On thursday we finally managed to teach la famille Montoye! It was pretty hectic with three other moms and there kids present. This group of fifteen or so is the "multitude" that I mentioned above. The kids didn't want to gather and listen, so we had a very hectic first lesson. I considered it a victory because we managed to start and end with a prayer. C'est déjà pas mal! We're seeing them again tomorrow morning, without all of the kids!
Saturday night we were knocking on doors when it started pouring! We kept knocking on doors for about an hour. The rain wasn't letting up at all (we had hoped it would), so we ended up swimming home on our bikes. We got back to the apartment with plenty of time to spare, so we headed back out on foot to pass by the adresses of several former investigators. At the first adress, nobody seemed to live there, so we started heading back in the other direction. However, I noticed the lights on next-door. I thought "why not", so I knocked and a woman answered the door. I explained that we were missionaries, she let us in, introduced us to her husband, and explained that she was interested to learn more! We'll be teaching Maria and Michael tonight! We hadn't had any success that whole evening, but because we exercised faith, we had that miracle at 8:50 at the very end of the long, cold, wet trial of our faith!
Also, last night we were stopped by the police because someone in the residential area where we'd been knocking on doors called to report two "suspicious looking men dressed all in black." They had probably seen us unlocking our bikes and assumed we were up to no good!

I love you all! The church is true and I would say more but I've gotta go!
-Elder Brown

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