Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, January 16, 2012

Gloves, Bikes, and Miracles

Ma chère famille et mes chers amis,

Et bien, l'œuvre du Seigneur avance à Agen! We've had a great week! As I mentionned in the heading, I broke down and bought some gloves this week. My hands were getting--and staying--so cold because we've been spending all of our time outside! Unlike whatever Kendra's experiencing in Provo, we are having a cold winter! One lady on the road responded, when we talked to her "Oh, the mormons, huh? You're finally back, and you brought the cold with you!"
Despite the cold, we've been having fun and having success! On friday we taught a tongan rugby player, his wife, and two of their friends. Opeti plays rugby for the Agen team, and he married Losi a few months ago. They didn't make it to church, but we'll keep you informed on their progress! Yesterday we were blessed to teach a lot--we have two new investigators (Lydie and Dwayne), and we also taught one family (Asmae et Alain) who said they weren't ready to be taught but that they would read the Book and Mormon and call later. We planted a seed!
Church was interesting once again! We've got work to do in order to really help this branch take off, and we're planning on doing it!
Armand is doing well--we're hoping to teach his wife, Léonie, next time we go over to his house. He still hasn't come to church because of his responsabilities at the Catholic church. We saw him this week with President Landry Zambo, who bore a very powerful testimony of the restoration of the gospel and of the "one true and living church"!
As for Nolwenne and Morgane, they told us last night that they prefer just to call us back if they're interested to meet us again.
We just got permission to buy bikes! I'm excited, because we've already been doing a LOT of walking down LONG roads with nobody to talk to! Bikes will really help us be were we need to be (especially during winter) to find the families that God has prepared to receive our message.

Dad, Je relis ton livre depuis quelques jours; merci encore!
Mom, Sister Larson called me today to say that your package has arrived! Thanks a ton, I'm excited to get those gloves! I'm glad to hear about our dinner invitations, and I'm sure la famille Herlin (Ketty and Jean-François) will want to have us over.
Kendra, I'm glad the weather is warm. T'es chanceuse!
Drew, sorry you got beat up, but that's AWESOME that you got to see and hear Elder Holland; I bet Triss wanted to get baptized right after hearing that! Say hi for me.
Steph, get well soon, and congratulations on your water bottle. President Palmer has an accent?
Trevor, pole vaulting requires the heavenly virtue of patience (of which I don't have very much either!) Just RUN FAST (that's one thing I never figured out...) Say bonjour to JT for me!

Elder Tulley is progressing quickly! He's a lot less sleepy now, and we're working well together!

It might seem from what I write in my emails that we have a lot of "half-miracles" that don't seem to get finished; we find somebody cool...and then they're not interested anymore. We really feel the Spirit testifying to an investigator...and then he or she decides not to follow it. I would just like to say that this is the work of the Lord, and that His work and designs "cannot be frustrated, nor can they come to naught" (I paraphrase). He is in charge. He knows His children--who they are, where they are, what they need. He is also a God of miracles. We as goofy 20 year-old missionaries are part of the fulfilment of the prophecy that the "weak things of the world" shall go forth and proclaim the fulness of the gospel to the four corners of the earth. Sometimes (actually the overwhelming majority of the time) we don't know where we need to be, or why we need to be there, but I know the Lord guides us.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve Him and His children here in Agen. I know ithe work is true, and yes, it is a work of MIRACLES! It is also the funnest thing I've ever done, and I highly recommend to all young men to serve a mission!

I love you all so much! I really am having the time of my life out here! Please pray for the people who are being prepared by the Lord to find us, and pray for us to be able to find them!
-Elder Brown

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