Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Comme Il fait beau!!! - March 6, 2012

 Alright, time for some english, for the benefit of the general population!  We had another seven days full of blessings this week! Our amis are doing great! 
Unfortunately, Jeanne was feeling really bad on Sunday morning and so she didn't make it to church. However, Madeleine and Madina (Jeanne's sister and cousin) both came!
Christophe Mariette came again, and Quentin too!  Church went pretty well, with just a few unusual hang-ups...
Christophe is really progressing quite well!  He wants to be baptized on March 24th!   We'll see how that's gonna work out...
We had a really great second appointment with Michaël and Maria, and la famille Zambo! They didn't make it to church because they were tired from moving the day before.
We have an awesome new amie named Marlène!  We were supposed to see her this evening but she just called to cancel because of a schedule change.
On saturday (with permission from President Murdock), I watched a rugby game for the first time in my life!  Lisiate, one of our rugby-playing amis, gave us free tickets!
We only stayed for the first half (forty minutes, but the clock never stops).  It was pretty cool but really confusing!
Yesterday we had another unforeseen dinner; we arrived at Jeanne's house to teach them, and her mom said "D'accord, vous allez faire la lecture ensemble, mais d'abord à table!"
She had prepared a delicious meal of steak and fries, just for us and frère Zambo (the rest of the family had already eaten)!  I almost couldn't bring myself to eat.  Firstly, we had just eaten lunch two hours before.
Secondly, and more importantly, Jeanne works all week, sixteen hours a day, to provide for her kids.  We insisted on her letting us come over next Sunday to help her out with cleaning before the appointment.
We'll see if we can sneak over and do it on Saturday so she can have a restful sabbath day.  Their entire family already loves us!
today I made an apple cake for Jeanne's birthday on March 8th!  Oh by the way, mom; I don't know if there's anything specific you could send for Jeanne's kids, but who knows?
I'd sure they'd love anything you can think of (maybe even some primary stuff...).
Alright, I gotta go!  I am loving the time the Lord has given me to serve here in Agen!  We're here for a reason, and I know the Lord is helping us in our work.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE, and it is restored in it's fulness!  Tell somebody about it, and have a great week!
Je vous aime!
-Elder Brown

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