Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, March 12, 2012

Quelle Joie!!!!

Bonjour à tous!

Quelle semaine!  We had such an awesome week!  The happiest thing for me was to get the news of Pierrick's baptism!  He was baptized two days ago, and I would have given anything to be there!  Elder Larson called me Saturday evening to give me a little run-down on the service; Pierrick's parents came, and stayed after to talk with the young adults and Bishop Depuydt.  Elder Larson said it was one of the most touching baptismal services he'd ever attended!
Getting that call just made my week.  I'm so proud of Pierrick!  I hope to be able to introduce you to him.
We're getting an exchange student?  Right on!  I hope his English isn't to good; that way he'll be forced to speak french with me, all day!
Thanks for all of you news!  I love reading it!
Dad, Je suis en train de relire le petit bouquin que tu m'as écrit! Merci encore maintes et maintes fois, car en lisant je ressens l'amour que tu as pour le peuple, l'oeuvre, et moi!  Merci de ton exemple; t'es le meilleur papa qu'on puisse avoir!
Mom, I love you!  Thanks for everything! We need a primary really badly...
Kendra, merci pour tout le travail que tu fais pour moi!  Vas-y, je te fais confiance.  Inscris-moi dans tous les cours qui te semblent bons, et puis on verra ce que ça donne., Je t'aime, et JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!!
Drew, try to do technique training before running the workout, if you can.  It's best to work on technique when your fresh.  Keep it up, bro--I'm proud of you!  P.S. no, you didn't write too much.
Steph, what a gangsta you is.  You should be locked up!
Trev, vault high, mon petit frère!  I'm excited to hear about the season!

ALright, I only have a few minutes left, but I'll just tell you that our ami David is going to be baptized on the 24th!  He's been taught a lot in the past but never managed to get over his cigarette addiction.  He's finally done it, and now he's preparing for baptism!  Pray for him!  ALso, we have a new ami named Xavier--it's weird to think that he's younger than Drew, because he turned 18 in february!  He is from an atheist family, but he's accepted to be baptized on the 31st provided that he receives the answer to his prayers! 
David, Yolande, Xavier, Madeleine, Madina, Lénise, and her kids all came to church yesterday!  Jeanne didn't make it because she didn't want to leave her mom to deal with all of the kids.  Next week we'll put together a primary so she won't have an excuse to not bring them!
The Lord is helping our area so much!  We don't deserve it, but we are deeply grateful for the enormous blessings that He's pouring out on Agen!  It is such a privilege to participate in this marvelous work, and it truly is a wonder!
I love you all!  Have a splendid week!
à bientôt!
-Elder Brown

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