Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thanks for the BIrthday Wishes - March 20 2012

Oh, wow.  I love seeing those track photos!  What a studly family I have!  Keep sending 'em!
Dad, do you know un frère Deforge?  C'est l'évêque de la paroisse d'Angers.  Notre amie, Lénise, va déménager à Angers en juin, donc on lui a donné l'adresse de l'église puisqu'elle a passé le weekend là-bas.
Mom, you fed almost two hundred ATHLETES?!  Good work!  I bet more than half of them never get to bless their food before eating it!  Also, thank you so much for the birthday package!  I'm excited to give away those easter baskets.  Good photo work too!
Kendra, I sent you a message and a letter.  Je t'aime!
Drew, I like that hurdles picture but it looks COLD!  The vaulting will come.  One thing I missed my senior year was being able to do more than two events.  I wasn't as much of a decathlete as you are!
Steph, looking lovely and strong!  By the way, I got the cinderella reference.  As for "flopping over the bar", that happens because the pole is beating you--if it starts recoiling during your swing, your energy will be wasted "fighting" to get vertical before the pole does.  Thus, you end up "muscling" over the bar at the end rather than adding your swing energy into the pole and then "riding" the recoil. Even if you're take-off is weak and you're left arm collapses (I did that a lot), you can immediately repent by rowing the pole upward as you swing.  In this way you'll stilll be "putting bend in", instead of letting it come out, as you swing.  Good luck, bubba.
Trevor, I'm excited to hear about you're vaulting!  That'd be sweet if you can make varsity this year, but just remember that you'd probably be confined to pole vault alone.  Make sure to work other events while you have time!  Why is Mckay injured?

Alright, let's talk about Agen!  We've been running about twice a week to a track not far from our apartment--I ran a 5:40 mile last week!  Not bad for an out of shape missionary!  Don't ask me to run anything shorter, though; that's where "out of shape" takes on more meaning!
We've had an interesting week.  A lot of unexpected stuff happenned this week.  We found out a bit more about David; I won't go into any details, but keep praying for David. For the moment he's decided to cancel his baptism.
Sorry to start with the bad news.  Xavier is doing well!  Unfortunately we've only taught him once this week (he loved the Plan of Salvation) because he hurt his ankle really bad and couldn't get around.  He's better now, though!  We'll be teaching him tomorrow night. 
Madeleine (Jeanne's sister) is really progressing in her reading!  She loved Lehi's dream, which we read together.  We also taught her the ten commandments, and she is happy to be growing in knowledge!  She fell in the stairway on saturday, which made it impossible for her to come to church.  Jeanne couldn't make it either because her friend's daughter had a sudden appendix emergency...
We found a single muslim woman and her five kids yesterday!  We'll be teaching her and her kids again on wednesday.
Last week we had zone conference and blues (trainees) conference.  While in Toulouse I got to send a few texts to Pierrick with Elder Hemsley's phone!  He's doing great, and he had also written me a postcard! 
I'm out of time once again, but I'd just like to say that I know President Murdock is an inspired man.  He's just so full of light and love, and I'm so grateful for his inspired leadership.  It's such a joy to serve, and it goes by too fast!
I love you all!  Thanks for helping me have an awesome birthday!
-Elder Brown

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