Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Chers famille et amis,

I'm sorry to hear of the lousy weather back home, but I sure hope you managed to get a few pictures of the flooding!  Did the little pigs get washed away?
Trev, you won 1000 dollars in eCyber mission?!  That's legit!  Sorry you didn't get a chance to vault this week, but keep up the good work and you'll set a freshman record!
Steph, that's one cute little pig you've got there!  What's its name?  How's your swing coming along?
Drew, 41.4?! Good work! That must have felt good to take the race by a tenth of a second!  It sounds like vaulting and hurdles always step on each others' feet; usually, they should let you have a run-through if you have to leave and come back...keep it up, bro!
Kendra, tu t'es fiancée? C'est vrai que je n'y ai pas cru quand j'ai vu ton message, mais comme tu l'as dit: 'tout est possible à BYU' ! Merci de m'avoir inscrit à mes cours, mais je te garantis que je ne vais pas les regarder!
Mom,  I'd like to see a few families in Montpellier but I have no clear idea.  La famille DeBarcellos...if I have other ideas I'll tell you.
Dad, Je viens de recevoir un message de la part de Serge Petelo, qui m'a souhaité un joyeux anniversaire!  Veuille le remercier de ma part! 

This week was so great!  On monday I had the enormous blessing of teaching a lesson with Pierrick; he's INCREDIBLE--So full of light! He bore his testimony to the ami (Anthony), and shared the experience of how the Lord answered his prayer about being baptized.  I was so moved by Pierrick's testimony that I very nearly cried during the lesson!  What a stud. We talked for a while after (before he had to take off for the movies with the other young adults).  He's been thinking a lot about serving a mission; for the moment he wants to help his family learn more about the church. "If I left right now, my grandma would say: 'that church kidnapped my grandson!'"
I spent all of tuesday in the train/bus.  It is always so much fun to see the other missionaries (there were sixteen trainers all told).  Elder Bollero, Elder Winslow, Elder Garlock, Elder Turley, Elder Gouttin (his uncle lived in Toulouse when I was there), Soeur Harline (she was in my District in Nice)...so much fun!
Elder McCarty, my new companion, is a miracle!  He's so humble, so diligent, and so ready to work!  He's speaks pretty decent french, although he doesn't think so.  Please pray that he may receive the gift of tongues.
As for General conference...we were supposed to watch it at Frère Zambo's house, but soeur Zambo called us at nine in the morning to say that we couldn't come because her son, Yannick, was very sick.  That left us hanging, to say the least!  But in the end we found a solution; As we were riding out to a neighborhood to knock on doors (the back-up plan), we rode past our usual cybercafe and it was open!  I explained the situation to the owner and he said no problem--even let us stay inside when he closed down the shop at lunchtime!  We just did a two-session marathon of the priesthood and saturday afternoon sessions.  It worked out better because we got to watch in english! We watched the Sunday morning session with Jeanne and Madeleine (their mom didn't watch but she cooked us a delicious african dinner!).  They both loved it, and really felt the Spirit as President Monson spoke! 
I loved General conference!  As usual, we still haven't been seen the Sunday afternoon session, but as for the ones we saw I say hurrah for Israel!  I'm so grateful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, and I know it's true.  I'm grateful for the inspired men that God has called as prophets and apostles to guide this great Church. I love being a missionary!!!!! And I love you!!!!!!!!
-Elder Brown

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