Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Salut tout le monde - April 10 2012

Salut, tout le monde!

I'm glad to hear that spring break went so well for all of you! We had a great time too!

Dad, je suis d'accord avec toi; mois aussi, j'ai beaucoup aimé les discours faits par Elder Hallstrom, Elder Holland, et Elder Bednar, ainsi que celui d'Elder (bishop?) Edgeley.  Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait m'envoyer les adresses de Jason Walker, Alex Peck, et Colton Nachtwey?
Mom, I gave the easter candies to Jeanne's kids on Sunday, and they were very excited! So was Jeanne, although I daresay she dreaded the thought of little tiny balls of chocolate rolling all throughout the house!
Kendra, oui, nous avons mangé un excellent repas de Pâques, car Madame N'Diaye nous a préparé quelques plats africains! Mmm! Ça me fait bizarre de penser que tu passe du temps avec Laura et Janet, car on les voit tout le temps sur les DVDs de "The District"!
Drew, I know how you feel not wanting to work in school.  I have no advice except this: RUN FAST, BOY!!  Who needs school?! Nah, just kidding.  Pray for a greater desire to do your homework and then get it done. I'm cheering for ya, bro! By the way, make sure somebody takes videos at your meets.
Steph, from what mom says you'll soon have a whole herd of baby farm animals!  Is the guard llama really a guard llama? How's your swing coming?  Keep up the missionary work, bubba!
Trev, that's my kind of spring break!  How's the pole vault coming along?  Have you been trying other events too?  Go get that freshman record!

Alright, here comes an update on what we have going on here in Agen...
Mom, you're right about Elder McCarty; he's such a great companion.  So humble, such a desire to serve the Lord and his fellow man, so diligent and hardworking.  Now that's my kind of companion!  The work is moving along!  As for your questions, mom, Jeanne and Madeleine are doing quite well!  When we gave Madeleine her baptismal calendar, Jeanne said: "I think I'd like to prepare to be baptized on the 5th of May as well.  That means I'll have to come to church on the 15th, the 22nd, and the 29th..."  So that's the goal we have for this week: help Jeanne make it to church!  She had been planning to come for Easter sunday, but was awakened at 2:00 in the morning by the police ringing her doorbell.  I won't give you details, but please pray really hard for Jeanne, because she has so much to deal with right now.  She feels overwhelmed morally and physically. 
On saturday night something really cool happenned; we had spent all day being yanked around the city like dogs on a leash from one rescheduled appointment to another.  In the end, amm of the "appointments" fell through.  Around 7:30 we were feeling pretty sorry for ourselves--not because of fatigue, but more because we felt that we had not accomplished much that day; the apointments that our amis moved around and then cancelled had prevented us from going were we wanted to in order to find new amis.  In any case, we were determined to keep working in faith!  As we walked, Elder McCarty stopped, looking back, and said: "Elder Brown, est'-ce qu'on peut parler avec cet homme-là?" So we went and talked with him, only to realize that he spoke only spanish!  We recited our MTC phrases: "We are missionaries of the Church of Jesus christ of Latter-day Saints" and "the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus-Christ." I turned around, looking for someone that spoke my language, and voilà!  Standing right behind us were Cecilia (a less active member from Columbia whom Elder Tulley and I had met during our first week here but who had not felt ready to meet with us), her husband Patrick, and their son Raphael.  turns out the spanish-speaking man was Cecilia's brother!  I asked if we could teach them, and they agreed!  It was a cool experience to share the message of the Restored Gospel with Cecilia and her family, and we'll be seeing them again tommorrow!  I'm not sure where that will go (because they want to go VERY SLOWLY), but I'm grateful the Lord placed them on our path!
This morning we helped a man with some renovation work on his house (we're going back right after this);  I'll tell you more about la famille Abezzot next week. We hope to be able to teach them soon!
Alright, emails time is up.  I love you all!  I love serving the Lord and I know that the missionary work in which we are involved is His work.  Christ has restored His true Church to the earth!  I'm grateful for the gift of His Atonement and Resurrection.
I love you all! 
à bientôt,
Edler Brown

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