Elder Brown in Montauban

Elder Brown in Montauban

Monday, November 28, 2011

First sighting of Pierrick - November 28, 2011

Bonjour to all of you turkey-trotters and non-turkey-trotters!

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed an excellent thanksgiving weekend! Here in the Lyon mission President Murdock gave special permission for every district to get together for a thanksgiving meal! Luckily for us, there are only two districts in our zone and both are based here in Toulouse, so we got to bring the whole zone (Albi and Montauban Elders included) over to the Young Adults Center for a delicious thanksgiving lunch prepared by Sister Larson. I made sweet potatos! They actually rather stupendous; could've been better with brown sugar rather than white sugar, but brown sugar doesn't just grow on trees around here. Nor white sugar, come to think of it, but there sure is a lot more of the white stuff in the stores. Anyway, everybody liked my sweet potatos.
I'm glad to hear that Kendra made it safely in spite of the car trouble, and that Drew didn't injure his surgery-weakened body with all of the extreme sports he's been doing. Trevor, good work in the turkey trot--you're looking good in the foosball picture. Steph, ne t'inquiète pas, you'll be getting a letter soon enough. And si, yo comprendo espagnol. Es muy aimabla de su parte. Dad, j'espère que tu ne seras pas noyé dans tout ce que tu as à faire avec Itron et Zaycon. Tu as du pain sur la planche! Mom, I do have the stories you sent me about Stephen Hopkins, as well as "The Great Tomato Harvest." Make's for good reading! As far as french cantiques...I don't really know which ones you'd need to practice, since we sing pretty much all of them. I'd say practice the ones for which you know the tunes. Thanks a million for your prayers.
This week was rather interesting, and I have to admit that at times we felt pretty dumb! First, I'll tell you about something awesome that happenned last week. Elder Frandsen and I were heading from the Compans Caffarelli metro stop to the Young Adults Center to teach our amie, Aurore. I glanced at the McDonalds (yes even in France you can find McDonalds) next to the metro. Something behind the window caught my eye; it was Sergei Bubka! There was a big poster of him pole vaulting! I turned to Elder Frandsen and said "regardez! C'est Sergei Bubka, le meilleur sauteur à la perche du monde!" He turned to look and as I looked back I saw a young man standing next to the Macdonalds, waiting for someone. I went up to him and said "Bonjour, nous sommes missionnaires de l’Église de Jésus Christ des saints des derniers jours. Nous présentons un message sur le Plan de Dieu, qui enseigne d'où nous venons pourquoi nous sommes sur terre, et où nous irons après cette vie. Est-ce qu'il vous est arrivé de vous poser ces questions?" Pierrick (that's his name) responded that yes, he often wondered where he came from, why he was on earth, and what would happen to him after this life. We briefly taught him about the Plan of Salvation, which answers these questions, and invited him to learn more. So we set up an appointment, and we taught him one week later on Thanksqiving day! Pierrick had read the entire "Plan du Salut" brochure that we'd given him, and accepted to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to know if it's true! Well be teaching him again tomorrow!
As for Pélagie, she's been busy this entire week with quests (Angelo's family) We weren't able to teach her, but we stayed in contact. On morning we were in the metro. I was at one end talking to people, and Elder Frandsen was at the other end where he ran into Pélagie and her mom, Angel! We all got off at Jolimont (the metro stop), and we walked part of the way home with them! Pélagie said she's having trouble receiving an answer to her prayers. Angel, who had been up until then a little distant with us, was very impressed by the fact that we were talking to everybody in the metro! She said "ça se voit que le Seigneur est avec vous, parce que cela ne doit pas être facile de parler avec tout le monde comme vous le faites!" I'm sure that the Lord put us on the right path to end up on the same metro car as Pélagie and Angel that morning!
Alright, I gotta go! I have more to tell you but not enough time! God bless you! Tell the whole world that the gospel is restored, because it is!
Je vous aime tous!
-Elder Brown

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